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Our Veterinarians Are Dedicated to Your Pet’s Health

“We can never attain perfection. However in the pursuit of perfection we can attain excellence.     This is our commitment to you and your family, for you deserve no less.”

Dr. Elizabeth McGill, Owner, Martindale Animal Clinic Vet St. Catharines

The goal of the veterinarians and staff at Martindale Animal Clinic is to ensure that your pet is in optimal health- integrating preventative medicine, wellness programs, compassionate care, pain control and education. We strive to extend the amount of time you’re able to enjoy with your four-legged family member.

Our usual patients include dogs and cats and we provide you and your pet with a wide variety of professional services, including:

What Makes Our Animal Clinic Different?

We look at your pet and see a real part of your family. When your animal visits us at the clinic, our goal is to make them feel as at home as they do when they’re sitting on the couch with you.  Our service will always be provided with the highest level of compassion and concern for your little family member’s comfort.

We love all the cats, dogs, ferrets, rabbits and animals that we treat, and we’re truly concerned with the quality of the life they live.

Our Onsite Lab Gives You Your Pet’s Results Faster

Our vet St. Catharines onsite lab means that if you have a cat or dog in critical condition, we can evaluate and treat them quickly. For some tests, we can have results within minutes.

Contact our staff to book an appointment in the office or inquire about a house call appointment with one of our experienced veterinarians today.

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